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We Didn’t Invent Innovation But We Inspire It

We love ideas. They’re the best, surest way to grow and thrive. We know that because Macy’s innovations are shaking up how the entire industry operates and, in the process, redefining how people shop. Our Omnichannel retailing is a runaway hit, a fusion of web and mobile plus brick and mortar that’s both accelerating sales while redefining delivery. Then there’s My Macy’s, an initiative that leverages localization, making it possible to tailor a store’s merchandise to its specific, existing customer base. We’re also the creators of MAGIC Selling—our proprietary customer engagement strategy. With these and other ground-breaking initiatives in constant development, it’s no wonder we were named a Top Ten Innovative Retailer by Fast Company.

Omnichannel Retailing

By creating and implementing this entirely new way to integrate our stores, online presence and mobile devices, Macy’s is able to surround customers with purchase opportunity. Now, the company’s complete inventory, no matter where it’s located, is available to everybody everywhere at all times. For example, the omnichannel strategy allows a store associate to find a product that’s out of stock locally at another store or in an online fulfillment center and have it shipped to the customer’s door. Or our online fulfillment centers can draw on store inventories nationwide to fill orders that originate online or via mobile devices.

My Macy’s

This is localization at its finest and most effective. My Macy’s is an innovative initiative that customizes each individual store’s merchandise assortment and shopping experience to the customers who shop there. It’s a surgically strategic way to get customers the right products in the right place at the right time. Best of all, My Macy’s customization is increasingly refinable, completely sustainable and highly successful.

MAGIC Selling

Customers appreciate it when associates take time to connect with them, to find out what they need. And they respond when they receive the service and quality selling they want and deserve. MAGIC Selling is Macy’s innovative response to those facts, a customer service plan that applies quantifiable standards to every store interaction:

  • Meet and Make a Connection: Seek out customers and tailor your greeting accordingly
  • Ask Questions and Listen: Assess the customers’ needs by asking questions to clarify and understand
  • Give Options, Give Advice: Give the customers appropriate advice and recommendations based on their needs
  • Inspire to Buy and Sell More: Finalize or close the purchase by summarizing the conversations and add on as appropriate
  • Celebrate the Purchase: Create a positive and lasting impression of Macy’s and the purchase with your customers

Macy’s Snapshots

The people are real. The places are real. The photos are real. Making this your perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes and get a genuine glimpse of Macy’s inner workings.