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Do you love working with numbers and analyzing data to help make critical business decisions? Are you excited to explore the dynamics of managing a multi-million dollar business? If so, the Omni-Planning internship is for you!

During the internship, you will learn about each of our important planning functions—Merchandise Planning, Inventory Planning, and Financial Planning—and how we use data to make decisions that directly impact our stores and e-commerce businesses. Your learning will be a combination of workshop and real-world scenarios, allowing you to build upon your business acumen while developing your leadership skills.

A Day in the Life

Localization analysis, financial data, and allocation systems are just a few of the things that will keep you busy as you manage your multi-channel business. Check out how a day might go for you as a member of the Merchant Planning team.

Are you a buyer or a planner?

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Locations and Start Dates

Our Merchant Summer Internship is offered at our corporate offices in New York City. The program starts in June.


Professional development begins on day one with a combination of structured classes and in-office experiences. During the 8-week paid internship you will work with business partners on your assigned team as well as other key executives across the organization. The structured all-intern sessions will give you an opportunity to network with 100+ headquarter interns while learning about retail innovation and Macy’s big-picture business strategies. You will complete a collaborative group project and present your recommendation to key leaders. At the end of the eight weeks, you will receive performance feedback from your assigned team and leave the internship program with a greater understanding of how to analyze and drive sales.


Be part of a savvy and innovative team that gives you the opportunity to both learn and make an impact from the start. As a planning intern, you will learn the dynamics of the industry, the company, and the important role that merchants play in the omnichannel world. This introduction will not only allow you to develop your business skills, but also give you great insight into the kind of work you enjoy doing and the career goals you would like to set. As a planning intern, some of the business concepts you will explore include financial forecasting, localized assortment strategies, sizing analytics, and inventory management.

Career Growth

As a Merchant Intern, whether in buying or planning, you will be given the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of running a business in a corporate retail setting. In addition to learning about Macy’s business model, the internship will help you determine where your skill sets are best matched. Interns who demonstrate the understanding and ability to deliver results within the organization will be eligible for a full-time position in our Executive Development Program post-graduation.

What is a Merchant?

A merchant is a businessperson whose occupation is the purchase and sale of commodities for profit. In today's omnichannel world, Merchant roles are complex and have a huge impact on the global economy. Macy's Merchant team is comprised of many important business functions including Omni Buyers, Digital Merchants, Omni Financial Planners, Omni Merchandise Planners, and Omni Inventory Planners.

Omni Planning Track

Macy's Planners maximize sales and gross margin through bottoms up location, financial, and inventory planning. The Planning team operates on our omnichannel SVI (single view of inventory) model and is responsible for the merchandise planning functions across all purchasing channels including Macy's brick-and-mortar stores and the macys.com website. Planners are highly quantitative, analytical, and systems-oriented.

Financial Planning

Merchandise Planning

Inventory Planning

Financial Planners develop top-line long range and seasonal financial plans and forecasts for their product categories across all selling channels, including Macy’s brick-and-mortar stores and the macys.com website. Financial Planners provide solutions as well as communicate risks and opportunities to key business partners. They are accountable for financial results that maximize sales, inventory productivity and bottom-line profitability.

Omni Merchandise Planners develop bottoms-up financial and assortment plans by location and channel for their product categories. Omni Merchandise Planners are directly responsible for developing and maximizing localization strategies to capture business opportunities by demographics, climate, and other unique market characteristics.

Inventory Planners use systems and data analytics to maximize inventory productivity by developing allocation, replenishment, and distribution strategies. Using Macy’s proprietary inventory management platform, Inventory Planners set allocation and replenishment parameters to optimize inventory levels for their product categories across all purchasing channels.

Merchant Executive Development Program

The Merchant Executive Development Program provides big-picture exposure to Macy's business model while also diving into to the technical and business skills required for merchant roles within our department store and online businesses. The Merchant Executive Development Program will prepare you for your first merchant role in planning or buying.

Assistant / Analyst

Assistants learn the operational components of running a successful business while receiving significant exposure and development. This is a developmental role that prepares you for an Associate role.


Associates are given direct responsibility for a particular area of business within their Planner's total category. Associates are directly responsible for the sales and profitability of their assigned area. In many cases, Associates will assume the responsibility of managing and training the Assistant Planners. This is a developmental role that prepares you for a Planner role.


Planners are responsible for the sales and profitability of a total category of business through strategy development and execution, as well as leading and developing their team of assistants/associates.

VP Planning Manager

Vice President / Planning Managers are responsible for developing the planning strategy while leading a team of Planners.

GVP Divisional Planning Manager

Group Vice President / Divisional Planning Managers are responsible for directing the strategy and execution for a designated division of business.

EVP General Planning Manager

In these senior level positions, executives direct the financial objectives, planning, and strategy for multiple divisions of business.

Chief Planning Officer

Macy’s is looking for the future leaders of our organization and individuals dedicated to their development. To be eligible for the Omni Planning Internship, you should be in your junior year, on your way to earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. A cumulative 3.0 GPA minimum is preferred. All majors will be considered for this opportunity.

A few of the qualities that would make an ideal candidate for the Omni Planning team include: demonstrated leadership skills, intellectual curiosity, and a strong interest in taking the lead on complex data-driven assignments.

Macy’s Snapshots

Omni Planning

The people are real. The places are real. The photos are real. Making this your perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes and get a genuine glimpse of Macy's Omni Planning inner workings.