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Macy’s Credit and Customer Service

The roles within Macy’s Credit and Customer Services are as critical as they are complex. On this team, you’ll be exposed to and play a vital part in high-priority projects that generate bottom-line business results.

Those who enter the Credit and Customer Services Executive Development Program will experience a broad range of training along with manager-level responsibilities, all with the goal of providing superior customer service to credit, business and employee customers. You’ll also provide essential support to the company’s innovative business strategies—such as North Star Strategy and Path to Growth—and contribute to further increasing their effectiveness.

Locations and Start Dates

Our Credit and Customer Services Executive Development Program is offered in several Macy’s locations: Mason, OH, Clearwater, FL, and Tempe, AZ. Classes start in June.


Throughout this program, you’ll experience formal and informal training, and gain an understanding of how servicing our customers drives results and impacts the bottom-line. In 20 months, you’ll experience two rotations from one of the following areas: Customer Service, Collections, Fraud, Fraud Analytics, Partner Center Strategy, Process Improvement, Omnichannel Operations, Agent Experience and/or Selling Support Services. The first rotation is matched to your education, interests, and business needs. At the end of your first rotation, you will also participate in a Board Presentation—an opportunity to prepare and present an innovative idea for changing our business to our senior board. The second rotation is assigned based on your career interests, development opportunities, and business needs.


As an Executive Development Program trainee, you will learn about multiple business functions while building important relationships with domestic and international partners. You will play an integral role within the organization as a Manager, gaining leadership experience and motivating your team to drive business results. You’ll also learn various proprietary systems to support store, credit, and internet operations in making informed business decisions. Through analyzing customer data, you will own the process of building plans that support the customer-centric Signature Service and Omnichannel initiatives and will manage projects by prioritizing enhancements based on business trends.

Career Growth

The Credit and Customer Service Executive Development Program gives you the unique opportunity to enter into the workforce at a Manager level, allowing you to kickstart your career as a business leader. Throughout the program, you will receive feedback and guidance, including individual touch points with program managers. You will meet quarterly with your fellow program participants and supervisors to discuss your growth, development, and personal and career goals. You will participate in several development courses and workshops designed to refine your leadership skills. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be placed in a job that best fits your career interests and the needs of the business.

Credit and Customer Services Executive Development Program

Prepare for your role to manage a function or specific area within an assigned department. Learn to directly manage a team of agents, monitor and evaluate job performance, respond to and resolve customer or vendor inquiries, analyze customer data and provide recommendations to improve business results and much more.

Rotation 1

Rotation 2

In your 1st Rotation in the Credit and Customer Services Executive Development Program, you will lead teams and projects in the critical and widely varied functional areas at MCCS that collaborate to ensure the success of this central strategy. You will experience formal and informal training focusing on topics such as leadership effectiveness and diversity awareness. You will also participate in a Board Presentation at the end of your 1st rotation. The Board Presentation will provide you experiences beyond your department as well as interaction with senior management.

The 2nd rotation is designed to give you experience in project management and influencing process improvements. You will hone your project management skills and continue to learn how to drive Macy’s strategies and priorities by providing solutions to an existing business opportunity.


Manage a specific function and staff, such as Credit Operations or macys.com Operations or become a project manager in within various different departments. Engage, coach, and supervise your staff. Work collaboratively on high priority projects focused on Macy's key strategies for driving excellent customer service and sales. Be involved in diversity and community events.


Supervise day-to-day operations of functions within a department and a team of direct reports. Oversee department productivity along with budgetary responsibilities. Deliver on key business initiatives, drive innovation throughout the department, and engage with staff.

Vice President

Oversee the performance of all areas of assigned responsibility to set customer service policy and ensure quality customer service. Supervise all exempt associates.

Executive Vice President

In these senior level positions, Credit Executives set the enterprise-level strategic direction for their function.


First things first, you will need a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university by the time you start with us, and a cumulative 3.0 GPA minimum is preferred. All majors will be considered for this opportunity.

We are looking for a candidate that has demonstrated ability to prioritize projects, meet deadlines, effectively lead a team, and achieve productivity in a fast-paced environment. Strong analytical skills and above average quantitative comprehension along with the ability to promote teamwork, solve problems, and manage complex relationships are all some of the necessary skills we look for in a candidate.

Some of the other attributes needed for this job include PC and MS Office proficiency, taking pride in details and accuracy, and having strong communication and presentation skills.

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Credit and Customer Service

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