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Invest in a career with a Fortune 500 company, where you will gain exposure to the financial and accounting functions that drive the results of a multi-billion dollar organization. As a member of the Finance/Accounting Executive Development Program, you’ll have the opportunity to develop financial plans and forecasts, manage multi-year budgets and conduct in-depth analysis from your first day on the job.

By joining this top-notch team of senior executives, professional managers and staff specialists, you’ll have a clear view of and a significant impact on the financial future of a fiscal giant.

Locations & Start Dates

The Accounting Executive Development Program is offered in our corporate office in Cincinnati, OH and the Finance Executive Development Program is offered at our corporate offices in either Cincinnati, OH or New York, NY. Program start dates in summer.


Throughout your 24 months in the program, you will rotate through multiple areas of Finance and Accounting* to gain a better understanding of our financial practices and become a well-rounded executive. You will experience a combination of structured and hands-on learning throughout the program. Not only will there be formalized training, but you will also have formal and informal mentors to guide you through your transition from college student to career professional. You will also network with previous trainees and senior leaders regularly to learn about their expertise and explore their career paths.

*Accounting rotations offered in Cincinnati only.


As a Finance Analyst or Accountant, some of your responsibilities will include: developing pricing strategies, creating capital plans, analyzing data to influence decisions, evaluating enterprise-wide risks and controls, and managing projects that directly impact accounting and reporting. You will be empowered to manage projects and processes that directly impact the bottom line and become a subject matter expert in your area.

Your rotations will include experience in functions across the business that may fall within any of the following departments:

Accounting Rotation Possibilities (Cincinnati, OH only)

  • Accounting Services
  • Capital Control
  • External Accounting & Reporting
  • Tax
  • Internal Audit

Corporate Finance Rotation Possibilities

  • Area Research
  • Capital Planning
  • Financial Planning & Investor Relations
  • Treasury
  • Stores or Marketing Finance
Career Growth

You will be placed in a fast-track group of executives with the hope and expectation that you will one day become a senior leader in our company. A customizable Learning Plan and Talent Profile will empower your supervisor to help you reach your career aspirations each step of the way. You will also have the opportunity to interact with senior leaders, business partners, and various departments to gain greater insight into the structured and unstructured career paths available in our corporate organization.

What is Corporate Finance?

A Finance Executive works within the function that manages and controls an organization's financial activity. Macy's Finance team is comprised of many important business functions including Capital Finance, Expense Planning, Investor Relations, Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Internal Audit.

Finance Executive Development Program

The Finance Executive Development Program is a 2-year rotational program designed to provide practical experience and exposure to multiple departments within the Finance function. At the end of the 2-year rotational program, you will have a big-picture view of how Macy's Finance team supports business strategies and impacts the bottom line.

Corporate Finance Track

Accounting and Audit Track

The Corporate Finance program is offered in New York and Cincinnati. Macy's Finance trainees work on complex projects from budget analysis to financial operations.  The Corporate Finance Trainees experience 4 rotations over two years.  Possible rotations include capital planning, expense planning, gross margin planning, investor relations and internal audit (Cincinnati only for both Investor Relations and Internal Audit).

The Accounting program is only offered in Cincinnati. Macy's Accounting trainees experience 4 rotations over two years - two in accounting, one in audit, and one in corporate finance. At the end of the program, Accounting and Audit trainees are placed in their first assignment as a Staff Accountant or Internal Auditor.

Financial Analyst or Staff Accountant or Internal Auditor

Your first assignment will be a Finance Analyst in the corporate finance department or a Staff Accountant in the accounting department. In these roles, you will learn the operational tasks of your department while receiving significant exposure and development. This is a developmental role that prepares you for future growth.

Senior Analyst or Senior Staff Accountant or Senior Internal Auditor

Your second assignment will be a Finance Senior Analyst in the corporate finance department or a Senior Staff Accountant in the accounting department. You will develop further in ownership and responsibility as you continue through your journey at Macy’s.


Finance Managers are given direct financial responsibility and are accountable for the productivity and results of their assigned area. In many cases, Finance Managers also supervise direct reports. This is a developmental role that prepares you for a Director position.


Finance Directors supervise a team of direct reports and oversee the department's productivity and results.

Vice President

Finance VPs develop the overall strategy for their department and oversee the department's productivity and results.

Group Vice President

Finance GVPs lead the overall strategy and productivity of multiple Finance departments.

Executive Vice President

In these senior level positions, Finance Executives set the enterprise-level strategic direction for their function.

Chief Financial Officer

First things first, you will need a Bachelor’s degree before you start: preferably a B.S. in Finance, Accounting, or Economics. A solid academic record is required, with a 3.2 GPA or above preferred. The position requires proficiency in Microsoft Office— specifically, advanced knowledge of Excel, while Access skills are a plus.

Since you will be on a fast track program to become a future leader, you will also need demonstrated leadership ability, a strong aptitude for analytical problem-solving and streamlining processes, and exceptional interpersonal communication skills. Also, working in retail is a fast-paced environment—even on the corporate side—so you should possess strong organizational skills, a high attention to detail, and the ability to handle multiple priorities.

Macy’s Snapshots


The people are real. The places are real. The photos are real. Making this your perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes and get a genuine glimpse of Macy's Finance/Accounting inner workings.