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Logistics Management

Macy’s Logistics and Operations division is what keeps all our merchandise moving efficiently. We’re who gets the goods from our suppliers to the sales floor as well as from our stores and distribution centers to the front doors of our mobile and web customers.

In our 16-week Logistics Executive Development Programs, you’ll receive classroom training, get hands-on experience and take charge of a Business Strategy Project— all built around the department’s primary functions. Moreover, you’ll learn Six Sigma methodologies that will help you improve processes, plus a variety of proprietary systems and state-of-the-art technology programs.

Locations and Start Dates

Our Logistics Management Executive Development Program is offered in several Macy’s locations: Secaucus, NJ, Martinsburg, WV, Goodyear, AZ, Cheshire, CT, Los Angeles, CA, or Portland, TN. Classes start based on business need.


This 16-week Executive Development Program will provide opportunities to work on team-centric projects in a variety of functional areas. The first 10 weeks of the program are dedicated to learning Six Sigma as well as honing your management skills through leadership training. This is followed by a 6-week opportunity to run a department within your training facility. Another key element of the program is to perform research and data analysis and develop a real-world business improvement strategy to present to Senior Management.


With strong collaboration and state-of-the-art technology, you can be a part of the Macy’s team and execute the processes needed to get our product where it needs to be. Being able to learn various proprietary systems and division-specific technology to support store and internet operations will enhance your understanding of successful planning, forecasting, and budget control.

Career Growth

As an Executive Development Program trainee, you are fast-tracked with the hope and expectation that you will one day become a senior leader in our company. Coaching, feedback, and planning skills are vital to your success as a leader in motivating your staff to achieve key business targets.

What is Logistics Management?

A Logistics Executive works on the detailed planning, organization, and execution of transporting, storing, and distributing commodities. In today's omnichannel world, logistics management is a complex and important part of the inventory supply chain. Macy's Logistics Management team is comprised of many important business functions including Systems & Reporting, Finance, Fulfillment, and Distribution.

Logistics Management Development Program

The Logistics Executive Development Program is a 16-week program during which you will interact with managers and rotate through various functions, providing the opportunity to learn all facets of the operation. You will receive Six Sigma training, hone your management skills, and have the opportunity to run a department within your training facility. After the program, you will experience a cross functional career path across Systems & Reporting, Finance, E-Commerce Fulfillment, and Distribution.


As an Analyst, you will learn the operational tasks of your department while receiving significant exposure and development. This is a developmental role that prepares you for a Manager position.


Supervise associates/key support staff within a work department or specialized function of the company. Focus may include areas such as inventory data and reconciliation, Distribution Center management and shortage awareness.


Supervise a number of managers, their executives and support staff. Focus may include areas such as inventory data and reconciliation, Distribution Center management and shortage awareness.

Vice President

Supervise managers and directors who are responsible for key operational areas within a facility. Functional areas may include logistics, administration, big ticket operations, small ticket operations or finance.

Executive Vice President

In these senior level positions, Logistics Executives set the enterprise-level strategic direction for their function.


First things first, you will need a bachelor’s or a Master’s degree from an accredited university by the time you start with us, and a cumulative 3.0 GPA minimum is preferred. All majors will be considered for this opportunity.

We are looking for a candidate that demonstrates leadership, as well as the ability to work both independently and as part of a team. Qualities we seek in candidates are the ability to present, strong organizational, interpersonal, and written skills, while also demonstrating critical, analytical, and quantitative thinking skills.

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Logistics Management

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