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We Reward Ambition. Early and Often.

You don’t plan to stand still in your career. You’ve got plans, goals, heights you want—and intend—to hit. At Macy’s, we not only understand your drive, we’ve got room for it. With countless opportunities to move up, to learn more, to tackle something new, to make a difference, to be recognized, advanced, and rewarded. It’s that all-too-rare chance in life to build both your resume and your career in one multifaceted place.

Here’s a look at how a career at Macy’s might shape up, from your first day on the job to the five-year mark—and beyond.

  1. Day 1 – 6 Months
  2. My first impression was the passion and commitment that everyone had for Macy’s and our business. Many of them had been with the company for 10+ years and it showed me that this could be much more than just a job—but a career.

    Nata, Senior Executive Vice President, Group Business Manager
  3. The training program taught me to find the gate-keepers, to communicate, to be prepared, to be curious, to be humble, and to be willing to learn while maintaining confidence in what I bring to the table.

    Angela, Vice President, Product & Design
  4. My mentor was able to humanize the retail business, and teach me that it is the strong combination of analytics and engagement that drive winning results. He was then, and remains now, a mentor and champion of my career development who has pushed me to reach out of my comfort zone in order to grow.

    Jens, Vice President, Store Manager
  5. Common Job Titles (Day 1 – 6 Months)

  6. 6 months – 1 Year
  7. My EDP peers had a great influence on my development that first year. Every area of the company is different and I was able to learn new ways to look at the business while also sharing my knowledge and skills with them.

    Phillip, Senior Product Manager
  8. My proudest moment was being part of the team selected to win the Make Magic Award for Innovation, recognizing our successful strategy to increase customer engagement through the use of in-store mobile devices.

    Manoj, Enterprise Mobility Analyst
  9. Macy’s is setting the right priorities to keep its store base exciting while also embracing Internet shopping. Its approach is a win-win for customers, associates, and shareholders.

  10. The foundation for everything we do depends on the quality of the team you develop. Strong team players who are highly engaged will naturally lead to stronger financial results.

    Jaimie, District Merchant
  11. Common Job Titles (6 Months – 1 Year)

  12. 1 Year – 3 Years
  13. I believe it’s necessary to fully understand and grasp your current position before moving onto the next. While you should always look to further develop your career, don’t forget about the impact you have on the ‘here and now.’

    Katelin, District Merchant
  14. I was relieved to find that after my first promotion, I had enough skills, personality, and curiosity to establish new peer connections and feel confident to ask the right questions of my new bosses.

    Angela, Vice President, Product & Design
  15. One of the best things about the Executive Development Program is that, two years into my career, I’m already working in my fourth role. This opportunity to see different parts of the business, experience a variety of jobs, and work with diverse teams gives me the confidence that my career can progress in any number of directions.

    Ryan, Director, Investor Relations
  16. Common Job Titles (1 Year – 3 Years)

  17. 3 Years – 5 Years
  18. Leaving a store-line assignment for a district level position required a great change of perspective and required a completely new set of skills. Leading associates evolved quickly into learning how to lead other leaders.

    Jens, Vice President, Store Manager
  19. Building strong relationships with my direct reports has helped set me apart. People work for people. I am successful because they are successful.

    Carolyn, Vice President, Store Manager
  20. Common Job Titles (3 Years – 5 Years)

  21. 5 Years & Beyond
  22. The Executive Development Program is like getting your Masters in Retail. The industry landscape is constantly changing and we are the leaders in what that change looks like.

    Nata, Senior Vice President, Group Business Manager
  23. The Leadership Institute is an award-winning “corporate university” designed to strengthen the leadership and business management skills of our top executives.

  24. It’s up to me to take charge of my own development. I think that is why we are a great company. We have so many resources at our disposal, allowing such a high ceiling for career growth.

    Anthony, Vice President, Store Manager
  25. Common Job Titles (5 Years & Beyond)

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