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All the Tools to Build Your Career

From your first day on the job, Macy’s turns over to you all the tools you need to learn, grow and succeed. This isn’t a company where you have to wait to develop and advance. Here, you’re in charge, you take the initiative. It’s an atmosphere wholly conducive to going where you want as fast as you want. Of course, we’ll help where needed.

Learning is another essential to advancement. And we’ll see that you’ll have lots of opportunity to build your knowledge through virtual workshops, videos, books, podcasts, you name it.

As you’d expect, practical experience is also critical to developing your career at Macy’s. Naturally, you’ll get plenty of it day-to-day, on the job, but you can pick up even more through extras like job shadowing, job rotation, special projects, and stretch assignments.

Lastly and especially, don’t discount the value of your own enthusiastic curiosity. Bring it with you to Macy’s and turn it loose. Use it to tap into informational interviews, find a mentor, talk with colleagues about their approach to tasks and challenges, probe for feedback on your performance, choices and which skill sets need honing. By fully tapping your existing resources, the more and faster you’ll advance.

After all, it’s your career. Why not take it someplace?

Macy’s Snapshots

The people are real. The places are real. The photos are real. Making this your perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes and get a genuine glimpse of Macy’s inner workings.