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Question: What is the typical retail job? Answer: None. That’s because in this business, typical simply doesn’t apply. Rather, retail is a dynamic, fast-paced, ever-changing industry, one that encompasses an impressive array of professions and skill sets, from sales to finance, store management to human resources, marketing to IT. And more.

To Macy’s, this is what makes retail exciting, rewarding and a unique opportunity for those who like variety, both day-to-day and throughout their careers. It’s a business well-suited to anyone driven to improve, create, innovate or reinvent. Overall, this is an environment that offers unlimited advancement opportunity to those on a dedicated career path but also is the perfect environment for those seeking to explore multiple, far-ranging paths.

Retail is a business that contains and has a place for everyone. Where relationships between disciplines, colleagues and customers are key. Where challenges present themselves daily and innovation is a permanent condition.

For the complete story, we suggest you check out the National Retail Federation.

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