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A Culture Built to Build Careers

The day you start at Macy’s is the day you start doing, accomplishing and growing. In the days and months that follow, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute, advance and lead. You’ll join a team comprised of the best and brightest— like you—dedicated to collaboration. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll enter into a partnership with experienced professionals who are ready to help you excel. Because when you do well, our culture thrives.

Of course, there’s more to it than that. You’ll soon discover the foundation of Macy’s culture is our values. They’re important to us—because they’re important to our colleagues and customers.

What Matters to Macy’s?

  • Customers Coming First
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Career Development
  • Industry Leading Innovation
  • Collaboration and Leadership
  • Community Involvement
  • Social Responsibility

By closely adhering to these values, Macy’s has established a work environment that not only embraces—but is recognized for its innovation, diversity, social responsibility and other progressive policies.

We believe, too, it’s our culture that makes building a career at Macy’s as desirable as it is viable. Because here your professional development is as important to us as it is to you. Here we consider personal satisfaction and growth part of every position. Here unlimited opportunity is available and attainable wherever you choose to pursue it. Simply put, Macy’s is a culture of success. And we’d like you to be part of it.


A Day in the Life

Retail is a fast-paced, dynamic business for all disciplines that make it up— and for any career path you choose. Take a look at how a day might go for you at Macy’s
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Macy’s innovations are shaking up how the entire industry operates and, in the process, redefining how people shop—with groundbreaking initiatives in constant development.
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Social Responsibility

Macy’s pledge to social responsibility is an all-encompassing duty to serve our customers and the world conscientiously, throughout every element of our business.
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Community Involvement

We strongly believe in giving back to the communities where we live and work. It’s one of our core values. So, we’ve come up with a variety of ways to give back and pay forward.
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We live in a world rich with diversity, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. And we’ve assembled a workforce that represents the multicultural marketplace we serve.
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There are countless perks and benefits to working for an established and innovative company like Macy’s—including our literal benefits package.
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Macy’s Snapshots

The people are real. The places are real. The photos are real. Making this your perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes and get a genuine glimpse of Macy’s inner workings.