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Our Values Go Beyond Our Business

To us, social responsibility is an all-encompassing duty to serve our customers and the world conscientiously. Here, we believe actions speak louder than words. Throughout the year our employees have a variety of ways to get involved, give back, pay forward, and live green. As highly as we value community involvement and sustainability, our definition of social responsibility goes well beyond. Our accountability extends into areas such as product sourcing, with a strict code of ethics and standards for all suppliers to adhere to, as well as supporting businesses in more fragile foreign economies.

Social responsibility is an all-encompassing duty that Macy’s as a major corporation holds, and in turn, takes very seriously. In every element of business we strive to do better – not only for the communities we impact, but for the global community as well. It’s our corporate social responsibility. We’ve recorded our progress in our 2017 Report on Social Responsibility.

Our social responsibility calls for Macy’s to be held accountable for how we impact the world, not only socially, but environmentally as well. We showcase the work that Macy’s has accomplished as a company to reduce our carbon footprint and become a leader in sustainability through Macy’s Coast to Coast.

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