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Immediate Impact Meets Sustained Success

You’ve put in the work and earned your degree. Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into practice. At Macy’s you will. Here, from day one, you’ll not only make a contribution, you’ll make a difference. And by doing so, you’ll advance, maximize opportunities and build a career.

But you won’t be working at it alone. Macy’s Executive Development Program has your back, helping to lay the foundation and facilitate your success, regardless of the career path you choose.

What sets our program apart is its concentrated mix of hands-on experience, education and encouragement. There’s on-the-job training, sure, but it’s solidly supplemented by virtual and live training sessions. Sessions led by professional development executives, backed by subject matter experts and augmented by a group of your peers. We’ll even connect you with a mentor—someone to answer your questions, provide insight and channel your talents, interests and ambition.

In short, what you’ll find here is a dynamic learning environment. A program and process that’ll give you a deeper understanding of Macy’s business, language, reporting systems, you name it. All designed to get you comfortable in your new role quickly, so you can collaborate confidently and succeed limitlessly.

Store Management

Step outside the cubicle and embark on a leadership journey where you will gain experience developing teams, executing merchandising strategies, and consulting key business partners on strategic initiatives to drive sales growth.
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The mission is simple: stay driven and set the pace in retail technology—a huge reason why we’re considered the industry leader in retail.
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Buying / Site Merchandising

Procurement, consumer trends, and digital marketing are just a few of the business concepts you’ll master as part of the Buying and Site Merchandising team within Macy’s New York-based Merchant division.
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Supply Chain - Inventory Management

Take your love of analysis, data, and systems to the next level as a part of the Planning team, a critical business function within Macy’s New York-based Merchant division.
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Product Development

As part of this team, based exclusively in New York City, you’ll learn every step and detail that goes into creating the next wave of private label goods.
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Invest in a career with a Fortune 500 company, where you’ll gain exposure to the financial and accounting functions that drive the results of a multi-billion dollar organization.
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Credit and Customer Service

The roles within Macy’s Credit and Customer Services are as critical as they are complex. You’ll play a vital part in high-priority projects that generate bottom-line business results.
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Full-Time Careers Interview Process

Getting started with your career at Macy’s all begins here, where you can learn about our exciting and dynamic opportunities. The next steps involve a hybrid of virtual and onsite selections and interviews, giving you a chance to learn about your potential role at Macy’s—and giving our teams a chance to learn more about you. The conclusion? We pick the best colleagues for the job.

Macy’s Snapshots

The people are real. The places are real. The photos are real. Making this your perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes and get a genuine glimpse of Macy’s inner workings.